Another Way


Another way is to calculate your carbon emissions. What we are doing is compensating these emissions by buying carbon credits thanks to Allcot, which invested in the RMDLT project, our Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation project, for which we, Conscious-Ness, are ambassadors.

To better understand the concept, check out the Sustainable lifestyle article!

We all do carbon emissions, we cannot do much without it so we have to reduce it and always neutralize our carbon emissions by transforming it into carbon credits.

The process works like that:

  1. Calculate your carbon footprint, you can do it here.
  2. Make a reduction plan with the three scopes, check out the article Basic steps!
  3. Neutralize it by buying carbon credits from Allcot.

What you could do to understand your carbon footprint is to do a kind of carbon inventory of your clothes, food and travels to get an idea and start to think on how to do to reduce your carbon emissions.

Here are some examples of how much CO2 produce:

  • Cotton jeans:  5.41 kg of CO2 = 275 trees (absorbing CO2 in a day) = 1 car (out of circulation for a day)
  • Cotton T-shirt = 2.50 kg of CO2= 127 trees (absorbing CO2 in a day)
  • Cheese Burger: 2.50 kg of CO2
  • A bottle of wine: 1 kg of CO2
  • Washing machine at 30C: 600 kg of CO2; dishwasher at 55C is 770 kg of CO2
  • Yearly waste per person: 230 kg of CO2

More and more people and companies are adopting Allcot carbon credits to ease every one’s journey, such as Getafe FC, Kering, Hot (hotel booking app), Mellow Travel or Ferrero with which Allcot helps the chocolate company sell their carbon credits and promote leadership role in sustainability.

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