Together we have it all
Together we have it all


First of all I wish to tell you the why and the how behind this blog. I want to tell you how I got the idea, what it means to me, and why now.

Since I was little I have been surrounded by nature. I grew up in a village surrounded by vines, in a small country that is always represented by cows lost in the mountains. My country of origin, where I spent a huge part of my childhood and whose customs, traditions and values shaped me, is also dominated by nature and the life there “follows” nature.

Yes, I know how to catch fish, split logs, cultivate a vegetables garden, and more… I am very grateful for my childhood experiences, and would never exchange them for others! Although I am very much a city-dweller, I love the city and I need it but I also need to go and recharge myself from time to time in a pure and quiet place.

Nevertheless, our country or place of origin does not determine whether or not we will be interested in our planet’s well being. I myself have always had a little voice inside telling me to not waste or pollute. I have always turned off the lights when leaving a room and have never thrown waste on the floor, for example… My parents taught me very well all these little actions to avoid waste but they never explicitly taught me about ecology.

The real trigger for my interest in the environment was when I went to have that massage six years ago… I had been recommended to that place by a friend who told me she always came out of there feeling so good because the masseuse was also very good at helping relieve emotional stress. I got curious and went, but I was not expecting a prophesier!! I had never wished to know my future, but the masseuse started to ask me questions and ended up telling me that I was going to do something big for the environment. I came out not at all relaxed, as I had expected, but more disturbed than ever… Nonetheless, this proclamation stayed in my head until the day I suddenly got the idea of creating a blog in order to encourage others to lead a sustainable lifestyle. I wanted to do something useful that would provide tips that wouldn’t be complicated to follow because who wants to change his habits from one day to the next and who has time for that?

I even still have a note about that idea in my IPhone, which I came across the other day. I think it is from 5 years ago. Isn’t it beautiful and that I am realizing it in the end?

Why now and not before?

Well it is as simple as the fact that I wanted to do it once I was married and working from home so that I could take care of the kids at the same time. However, things turned out differently and like that…

One evening last March, Maxi and I were talking about our careers and future. I told him about that wish. He was the first person I told besides my parents. He thought it was great and was ready to support me, which I found so sweet. I knew I was lucky to have such a man in my life.

Some weeks later, while waiting with my sister on some friends, I met Neil, manager of sustainability at UEFA, told him about my interest in that sector, and mentioned who my boyfriend was. Neil stopped me directly and informed me that they were looking for ambassadors for this sector. He suggested the idea of a couple. I became interested and met him several weeks later at UEFA headquarters to speak more about his proposal. I also directly informed Maxi about it, who, as I mentioned, was 100% there to support me.

Neil called the appointment “a sustainable coffee” and we concluded that a couple engaged with the environment, who combined my world of fashion and his world of football, could considerably influence people in the area of eco-consciousness due to the size of both our industries.

This past summer my project took another turn, thanks to Neil who put us in contact with Alexis, CEO of Allcot. I talked with him about my project, and he indicated right away his commitment. The understanding between us really was immediate as we had the same vision, and we decided that us with Neil should meet.

Now let’s see what my next steps in this new area will be and whether this prophesier was right. What I know for sure is that I have my heart set on it!

Why ecology?

It is true that with all the other things I could have chosen, I have decided to focus on ecology because it is important and crucial. As I mentioned previously, I have it since I was a child, and I guess the masseuse marked me with her prediction. Furthermore I am interested in it; our planet is wonderful, I care about it, and I am realising all the incredible things that it is has and is able to do! Sustainable development and the science of the environment strongly attract me. Enacting and watching change happen is very exciting!

My interest in the environment has also impacted my boyfriend and this is what he thinks about it:

‘I think of the future, of my kids to whom I want to give the best life and the best conditions. We all have to take responsibility to make that possible and engaging in a sustainable lifestyle is a behavior that we should all initiate.

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