Sustainable lifestyle

What is a sustainable lifestyle?

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is the use of resources such as water or fuel to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

If we want future generations to be able to enjoy nature and the richness of our planet we must create sustainable livelihoods and be responsible and respectful of the environment. Everyone can help make our planet a better place, but it is necessary that all understand the impact of their activities and try to reduce them. (Sebastian del Valle, my excellent coach in sustainability)


Climate change

Now, more than ever, climate change is impacting our planet and us. Many of you have probably noticed the increasing number of natural catastrophes and species extinctions, as well as shrinking access to natural resources such as water.

These changes are the result of shifting climate patterns because of the wasteful use of natural resources that, in turn, increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, which heats up our earth and destroys it. With insufficient natural resources and sustained high temperatures, life on earth will be irrevocably changed – and eventually end


Carbon neutrality

Carbon is one of the gases vital to our atmosphere, without it our atmosphere would be incomplete. But we, humans have raised its presence to a dangerous level. Carbon emissions are found, for example, in pollution from cars and industrial waste and it is these emissions that are THE CAUSE of climate change and thus natural catastrophes, extinctions, and shortages!! Why? Because everything that burns produces carbon dioxide. This includes the production of clothes, food, and cars and the use of appliances to cook, heat your house, run the air conditioner, dry your hair, charge your phone, and so on! Our Green House Gas, that bubble around the Earth made out of gas that is so important because it keeps the energy in and the climate functioning, has become too thick and keeps the heat of the sun in longer than it used to, which has created a rise in temperatures and climate changes that affect every corner of the globe.


In order to depollute our planet we need to plant trees and use renewable energies such as solar, wind, and water as they do not require us to burn anything. Trees are important because they catch and transform carbon into oxygen. The process by which you can compensate your carbon emissions by offsetting it – the concept of carbon neutrality – can be seen at Another Way.


By the way, our health and physical appearance would be in better shape if what we breathed and ate was not full of toxins. My hair and skin change completely when I get out of a polluted city – just by breathing fresh mountain air!!



Therefore, our society has to change and shift to a sustainable lifestyle that uses as many renewable energies as possible and includes planting trees. These are the strongest weapons against climate change.

And fortunately, solutions exist! There are ways to generate carbon credits in order to neutralize your emissions. Likewise, thanks to growing interest, companies and social environmental groups are promoting and undertaking sustainability actions by using renewable energies and reducing their carbon emissions.

In addition celebrities, aware of their influence, are getting committed and are taking responsibility for spreading awareness and persuading leaders to change. Remember, together change can happen!



Our planet is deteriorating. The pollution we produce heats up the atmosphere and wreaks havoc with the climate causing natural catastrophes, extinctions, and a scarcity of resources. Fewer resources are available to meet our daily needs, which is why many companies are becoming more environmentally engaged.

“And we as consumers need to take responsibility for the choices we make every single day that influence our health and the sustainability of the planet. It is imperative that we begin to make more informed choices on the individual level, and stand ready as a society to recognize when system-wide change is needed and implement the necessary adjustments. As individuals we need to consider what influence we can have over our own lifestyles and also influence those in government who implement systems that make this easier for us.” (Eat in Sustainia, 2015, download the pdf here).


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And as a start, one first step is to balance your carbon emissions with Allcot‘s carbon credits that go straight to RMDLT, the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation project for which we are ambassadors!

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