CO2 travels offsetting of a model’s week

After having a busy working week with a lot of different travel destinations and means of transport, I find that it is the perfect week to give you an example on how to offset your carbon emissions generated from your travels.


The first step is to list all your travels by category and destination.


I have written down each travel in a note on my iphone and have used emoticons to illustrate the means of transport.

However, you are totally free to do it in the way you want and that suits you best. You could for example add the dates and the reasons of the travel so to remember perfectly the journey to offset.


This is how mine looks like, 05th – 10th September 2016:

Blevia-malpensa ????
Bcn-center???? aller-retour
Bcn-lyon ✈️
Lyon-gare ????
Lyon gare-annecy ????
Annecy-le grand bonnand ???? aller-retour
Annecy-paris gare de lyon ????
Paris gare de lyon – ice kube ????
Ice kube – hotel ????
Hotel-orly ????
Orly-bcn ✈️
Bcn-center ????
Bcn center – bcn ????
Bcn-milan ✈️
Milan-centrale ????
Centrale-torino ????


Calculate the distance of each travel.


I have used Google Maps.

Blevia-malpensa ???? 56.2km
Bcn-center???? aller-retour 2x 14.7km
Bcn-lyon ✈️
Lyon-gare ???? 25.9km
Lyon gare-annecy ????
Annecy-le grand bornand ???? aller-retour 2x 32.1km
Annecy-paris gare de lyon ????
Paris gare de lyon – Ice Kube hotel ???? 6.8km
Ice kube – hotel ???? 4.5km
Hotel-orly ???? 22.7km
Orly-bcn ✈️
Bcn-center ???? 13.7km
Bcn center – bcn ???? 13.7km
Bcn-milan ✈️
Milan-centrale ???? 53.6
Centrale-torino ???? 146km


Then go on, under the Carbon Calculator, follow the steps and offset here!


You will have to calculate per period, region and per mean of transportation; consequently, you will have to do it several times.

My advice is to write down all details step by step.




I have done a total of 2.3142 tCO2 emissions = 24 EUR only!


Discover more with:


By offsetting with Allcot and Conscious-Ness, you will help us support our project against the Amazon Rainforest deforestation, the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation project (RMDLT) and as a consequence preserve the environment!


Thank you!


CO2 travels offsetting of a model's week

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