My ecofriendly beachwear – Repainted

So happy to have these three beautiful and ecofriendly beachwear from Repainted, an Italian brand using only recycled lycra for its garments!

Repainted has chosen recycled lycra to highligh the made in Italy and its exceptional performance as technical material!

Indeed, not only beaufiful and good for the environment, I can tell you that they are also very comfortable to wear, with a feeling of silk, and fit everyone due to its elasticity and good quality!

Recycled lycra has a good resistence to chloring, saltiness and sun cream, making an excellent UV radiations protection! It is also easy to care and dries quickly! Additionally, the fibre of this material is very resistent, the clothes won’t lose their elasticity and shape!


lisbona bikini danielaLisbona bikini


Loving the Italian made, I also love the artisanal work that the brand enhances with their handmade braidings and unique design; giving an uniqueness of each peace and making them unrepeatable!

What else makes me loving this brand is that the inspiration comes from the founders’ land stories and traditions and represents the art of different time populations.

The Portuguese Azulejos motifs of the 2016 collection illustrate this idea of Portuguese art and match perfectly the summer and sea spirit that Repainted wants to send!


repainted coimbra pantalone danielaCoimbra beachwear


I found the forms and colors of the motifs so fresh and gorgeous!

Born from the love of the sea, the sun and the things made by hand, Repainted also arises from the willingness to create sustainable fashion! Each product is handmade with love and in the respect of the traditions and the environment.


Eco Friendly – Resistent to chlorine, saltiness and sun cream – UV protection – Recycled lycra – Easy to care and quick drying – Good quality maintaining the elasticity and shape of the cloth –


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