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Lyme Terrace, an ethical men’s fine-casual clothing, has given me my first sustainable Bamboo T-shirt that I am truly in love with because it is so comfortable! I do not want to take it off, it is so soft and stylish! It is actually for men but it suits perfectly women as a cool unisex outfit!

Thank you again Chere, from Eluxe Magazine, for the contact!


Born in Bali, made in Britain, from two keen surfers and lovers of nature, Alex and Andy, the sustainable fashion brand has matched an urban and surfing style with eco-friendly fabrics and supply chain in the idea to make aesthetic, high-quality bamboo clothing, created with longevity, traceability and preservation.

“We paired the island’s long-standing relationship with bamboo – one of the most sustainable and versatile materials on the planet with a small amount of organic cotton, to create our soft & natural bamboo clothing, cut for the street, inspired by Balinese people and a love of the ocean”.


unisex lyme terrace


Bamboo is a raw material that grows very fast and that requires little water, pesticides and fertilizers. Lyme Terrace mixes its bamboo viscose-with cotton, both being certified organic, to create a long-lasting and luxurious feeling fabric. The tops are created in Britain to truly guarantee fair working conditions and quality.

Furthermore, I find so cool the bamboo packaging, avoiding consequently plastic packaging, reusing the rest of the bamboo and creating sustainable alternatives!


bamboo packaging


Working towards eventually becoming 100% plastic free as a company, the bamboo packaging is designed to spark conversations around this topic so to reduce the amount of plastics that end up in the ocean, and which fashion is a major contributor to this problem.

Money from every bamboo packaging sold goes towards various clean water projects in different places around the world; this is on top of Lyme Terrace ongoing commitments to Bali Children’s Foundation and the amazing work they do.

The idea is also to keep the packaging and use it for something else, which is exactly what Conscious-Ness explains in the article Reusing – Zero Waste.


As said, the T-shirt is very comfortable and of good quality! Bamboo fabrics is hypo-allergenic, incredible soft, thermos and sustainable because it grows naturally at an incredible rate, no need for irrigation, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.


Find out more about bamboo fabric and why it is sustainable here!


And I find it very sexy women wearing men clothing by just:

Keeping it simple and cool

casual look


Making it a bit more urban with some accessories, like a belt

urban look


Or giving a little sexy touch with high heels

sexy look


Lyme Terrace

9 Lyme Terrace

London NW1



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