Moving House in an eco-friendly way

As we are changing apartment with Maxi, I’ve been thinking on how moving house in an eco-friendly and efficient way. A house move requires a lot of time, preparation, work and organization that could easily become stressful, exhausting and an absolute hell!

Consequently, I did some researches to make it as much efficient, economical and eco-friendly as we can and I’ve thought of sharing them with you while experiencing them!


I think one of the first thing to do is to find some help if possible so to pack everything, move out everything to the new place and clean everything up! More we are, more efficient we are and less time we spend!

We have called a company to help us packing and moving all our stuffs. As working and travelling a lot, we decided to take that extra help.

Try to get a moving company with a real environmental policy or collaborative move. They are usually cheaper and obviously greener. Additionally, maximize each move in order to consume as less energy and time as possible. Time and money are saved as well as the environment.


cardboard boxes


The other issue is that we all use cardboard boxes, protect furniture with plastic, using bubble wrap, adhesive tape or else but all bad for the environment… In addition to a lot of waste and costs.

Borrow boxes, ask neighbors or supermarkets to reuse theirs. Pack your things with all old cloth, garments or house linen and paper that will be recycled instead of bubble wrap and plastic.

A method is to think of the 4R:

  • Reduce
  • Repair
  • Recycle
  • Reuse

Moving house is a good moment to tidy up all our stuffs, do a kind of analysis! Therefore, by applying the principle of the 4R, we think differently and are more efficient, eco-friendly and can save some costs.


It is also a perfect movement to refocus on what is essential, tidy, sort and get rid of what is unnecessary. Therefore, reduce the transfers by:

  • throwing out everything that do not work anymore,
  • donating or selling what is not needed
  • and reusing what has been forgotten or as replacement solution. Have a look at Conscious-Ness‘ article Reusing- Zero Waste for tips and tricks.

It will avoid to take needless and bulky objects and there will be less boxes to move.


organized wardrobe

An organized wardrobe!


This period is as well perfect to finally repair items so to reuse or sell them.

Think to give a second life to the objects instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. Many of them turn out to be more effective than their initial use and with financial advantages. Discover how on Reusing – Zero Waste.

You can find on the Internet many organizations to donate or to sell, such as second-hand shops if your belongings are in good quality. You could also donate or sell them on markets or maybe your neighbors and friends would be happy for something.

For us, it is a real sorting of our wardrobes that I want to use this house move to reorganize mine, reinvent outfits and donate what I will not use anymore!


empty wardrobe

An empty wardrobe!


Recycle your waste and what you did not manage to give away or sell.

Learn how on Conscious-Ness’ article Recycling.


Do not leave your garbage on the sidewalk and clean with eco-friendly cleaning products.

Additionally, take advantage to buy green new things!


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