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Since I have arrived in Barcelona, I have noticed that this amazing city has a lot of eco-friendly places, such as My Organics salon!

Have a look at my articles, Green Barcelona and Organic Barcelona.

What else to make Conscious-Ness curious? As I have never tried an organic hairdresser, I was more than pleased, and even surprised, that it existed! I can let you imagine that few hours after I was already there trying one of their organic hair treatments!



Amazing result with just the first step of the Resurrection Solution!


My Organics is an Italian brand, from Venice precisely, that offers exclusively 100% organic hair care products. I was lucky to discover its hairdresser salon while walking in Barcelona!

Not only being organic, the hairdresser is centrally located, fresh, charming and with a lovely staff!

It convinced me directly to try one of their treatments and in addition to the amazing result, the employees treat you so well that I came back there two other times.



Before the Resurrection Treatment


I have been there three times, trying three different treatments:

#1 Resurrection Solution was what the staff suggested me to do because it is a natural restructuration for hair fiber. My hair definitely needed that as it has become dry and damaged due to my work, the summer and the pollution. The Resurrection line main ingredient is the Goji bear, a natural antioxidant and fruit rich in vitamins that safeguards the cells against free radicals and completely regenerates and restructures the hair naturally. Consequently, the ideal organic remedy for my thin, blond and Scandinavian hair. I came out of My Organics salon with shiny, soft, strong and thick hair.



After the Resurrection Solution


#2 Miracle Mask is a hydrating mask for a deep regeneration and reconstruction. It helps to maintain the hydration of the hair. The personnel advised me to do it every week or every second week at home. It is to reinforce and maintain the Resurrection Solution. Its intense nourishing action prevents against external attacks.

In addition, in order to avoid the formation of split ends, I bought the Sublime Oil (see featured image), which I am applying twice a day (morning and evening). It is perfect to protect against the sun and to hydrate the ends without weighing the hair. On the contrary, my hair is thicker, soft, bright and looks healthy!


Daniela after

Shiny, soft, strong and thick hair!


#3 Eco-friendly highlights that again the staff convinced me to do in order to adjust the little shade at my hair roots. I didn’t know that an organic blonder existed. I have always used the sun to naturally bleach my hair. My Organics bleaching cream is eco-friendly, powerful and quick made of corn and castor oil. Indeed, I didn’t have to wait to get the desired result as it appeared in the first phase.


My Organics result Daniela Conscious-Ness

I have found my beauty remedy against external attacks. It is insane because I wanted to cut the ends of my hair but with the Resurrection treatment I didn’t have to!


I didn’t know about My Organics and I am more than happy to know that it is an Italian brand because it means that I won’t have any difficulty to find it in Milan, where I live!



Resurrection Solution products


Organic Salon Barcelona

Av. Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 617

08007 Barcelona – Spain


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