Major GD

Major GD is a multiservice fashion company present in 14 locations around the world such as New
York, Milan, Miami, Munich and Amsterdam, including Daniela’s mother model agency Major Models Management Milano and GD Major Entertainment for which Conscious-Ness has become Ambassador.

Some of Major GD youngest operators, have gotten the approval of the Company’s Board of Directors to create the Entertainment Division: an incubator of fashion, sustainability, movie and music productions. Hence born, GD Major Entertainment, an entertainment and production company that produces movies, music, commercials and events. GD Major Entertainment has already produced two movies.

The “Abu Dhabi Fashion Sustainability Experience” event is the first occasion for GD Major Entertainment to promote its initiatives conceived and created by its young operators. Additionally, GD Major Entertainment will try to sensitize public opinion about sustainability and to present at last but not at least the first movie entirely produced (music included) by GD Major Entertainment Team.


Conscious-Ness Abu Dhabi Fashion Sustainability Experience Major GD


Like Conscious-Ness, Major GD is concerned about climate change and the preservation of the environment, and wants to leave the planet in the best conditions for future generations.

To know more about the event and project, have a look at the article Abu Dhabi Fashion Sustainability Experience and on

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