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At COP21 in Paris, Conscious-Ness became a champion of the UNFCCC secretariat’s Climate Neutral Now initiative, launched by the United Nations climate change secretariat in September of last year.

Conscious-Ness Climate Neutral Now

The Climate Neutral Now initiative urges individuals, events, companies and governments to:


  1. Measure their climate footprint
  2. Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible
  3. Offset what they cannot reduce using UN-certified emissions reductions


The world is currently on track to exceed the two degree average warming limit needed to avoid catastrophic climate change. To keep our communities healthy and safe we need a climate neutral world. This is achievable but will require action from not only governments but from ALL of us. Voluntary action by people like you and I, is needed to ensure we get on track to avoid the worst of climate change. YOU can take action now by measuring, reducing and offsetting.


Even with our best efforts to reduce, our daily activities and business operations will result in unavoidable emissions. This is why offsetting, after measuring and reducing, is key for achieving a climate neutral world. Offsetting benefits the whole planet, not just the country in which the emissions are reduced.


As Champion, Conscious-Ness, has already taken several Climate Neutral initiatives, such as Daniela who has made the promotion video at the COP21 last December with the UNFCCC explaining how offsetting works:


To support the initiative I cancelled emissions equivalent to two years of living in Italy for Maxi and I as a start for symbolising our new lifestyle. We encourage you to check out the Climate Neutral Now site and the promo video Daniela made, which shows just how easy it is to measure your emissions, reduce what you can and offset the rest. Our first offset (yeay!!) shown in the video, is an equivalent of 32 kg of CO2 for only USD 96! We can definitely notice that it does not cost a lot to clean what we pollute! 


Or involving GD Major Entertainment in offsetting the entire Abu Dhabi Fashion Sustainability Experience in the reason to promote sustainable fashion because fashion is one of the most polluting industry in the world.


Consequently, by making such events carbon neutral, we foster sustainability as a responsibility that needs to be taken by indiviuals, events, companies and governments!


Conscious-Ness message Climate Neutral Now

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