The wonderful Rose Musquée

The wonderful Rose Musquée or the Musk Rose is getting a well-known term either in cosmetics or natural medicine, and is becoming one of the most natural beauty remedy due to its skin regenerator power and proven benefits!


Having already noticed this wonderful plant in many cosmetic and perfume products, I’ve realized its influence when I was in Patagonia this Summer with Maxi.

The plant grows naturally in this region of Argentina and is therefore one of Patagonia’s richness. If you go there, you will find in the shops many different products deriving from the plant, such as creams, perfumes, cosmetics, oils, teas and foods.

I remember on the roads seeing the indigenous people picking the seeds of the flower! I was amazed of how ancestral, accessible and quite easy to use it is!


The seeds are cold pressed to retain all their properties. They give a fragrant oil that can be used in its pure state or mixed to cares.


the plant on conscious-ness



Rich in fatty acid, omega 3 and omega 6, the musk rose oil contains as well vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin A. So many nourishing and antioxidant properties that make it an excellent moisturizer and skin aging prevention.

Very nourishing, it is suitable for all types of skin but more for dry and problematic skins (psoriasis, eczema, etc.). Besides softening and toning the skin, it also reduces brown spots that appear with the age. It’s also advised for pregnancy or for quick weight loss/gain.

Again thanks to its fatty acids, it contributes to the regeneration of the skin cells, targeting wrinkles and helping the healing of wounds and burns.




Conscious-Ness‘ #5 different ways of using the wonderful rose:


conscious-ness products


#1 As the oil itself, which is fluid, pleasant and with a nice fragrance. The musk rose oil penetrates easily the pores of the skin without leaving a greasy film.

Warm it up in your hands and apply it on targeted areas. Massage your skin with circular motions until it is absorbed.

 With a daily use, one to three times a day, its benefits will appear after about two months.


2# I used to have the organic Weleda Wild Rose Musquée moisturizer face cream. I applied it every morning and evening as moisturizer cream which was very good to hydrate and cool down the skin after a long day.

Rose musk helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance and has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties that assist in the strengthening and regeneration of skin cells.


#3 The organic rose musk body lotion of Tiendas Natura is an excellent moisturizer that penetrates easily and leaves you all day with a pleasant smell.


#4 Moroccan Natural fine organic rose water (see featured image of the article), which I spray all over my face every morning and evening after having cleaned my skin or every time I feel to hydrate my skin, after a travel for example where it is important to keep its skin hydrated!

It acts as an excellent skin tonic that combined with exclusive British Marine Mineral Source, water from the Pacific Ocean, thus full of sea minerals and amino acids, restores and energizes cell structure.


#5 Although mainly known as an oil for cosmetic and care products, the plant can also be used as food such as the rose musk tea or delicious marmalade, acting as an antioxidant and boosting the immune system by being rich in vitamin C and A, and flavonoids.


rose musquée foods


Delicious and tasty!



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